The Warrior Queen by Tasarla Romaney

The Warrior Queen-highResThe balance between good and evil has been destroyed. The monsters from childhood nightmares roam freely. The very fabric holding the world together has begun to unravel. The Hollow King has been determined now it’s time for the Warrior Queen to be named on the quest for the Spector of Hope.

Thought by most to be a simple child’s chant, the prophecy guides them… A king of no kingdom Who walks among the living, yet is void of all but breath; He will be known as the Hollow King and will yield the Specter. The Warrior Queen with compassion will fuel the Hope. The one who walks on two legs bu has the soul of an animal will guide the Specter’s magic. Together they will use the Specter of Hope to rid the land of evil.

Finally, the Warrior Queen yields the Specter of Hope. Will she blanket all of humankind in darkness destroying the world of magic? Or free the humans of creatures from nightmares and restore the world of magic to its splendor? She must see through trickery, trust in what she fears the most, and rely on those closest to her to succeed. Crenshaw, Taraly, Sancha, Jalie, and Taigo continue their quest through the land of the dead, the barren salt plains, fight endless battles for what they believe in. Only have they placed their belief in the correct Warrior Queen?


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