YA Sci-Fi Submission Call for a shared world #spacecamp #youngadult #SFR

dreamstime_m_79937417Intergalactic Space Camp


With the advancements of space exploration, the creators of the Intergalactic Space Camp, have set out to cultivate some of the most brilliant young minds throughout the known galaxies. However, after several years of declining enrollees, the director, Dr. Lazarus Quin, has decided to change up the rules.

All those who want to attend are welcome.

Now, the Camp is thriving. Instead of rigorous academic learning, kids and teens are learning team building exercises, playing games and as a special bonus, experiencing their first solo team mission.

Their once-in-a-lifetime experiences, will stay with these space camp cadets forever.


Who is Doctor Lazrus Quin?


There is not much known about the good doctor. No one knows his age, either. What we do know is that he appears to be about forty-five-ish years old. He has two PhDs. One is in Astrophysics and the other is in Child Psychology. He is also a renowned linguist, knowing over seventy of Earth’s languages and another thirty intergalactic planetary languages.

At some point after the kids and teens have arrived, they will meet him. The first observation is his size, then his soft-spoken authority and his unusual colored eyes.

Most believe he is human, but no one will come out and ask.


Physical Description

Height: 6’5

Age: Looks to be 45

Eyes: Silver

Hair: Black – Conservative

Build: Muscular/Athletic


Distinct things kids can notice

  • He never eats.
  • He never drinks anything.
  • Rumor has it, he’s a cyborg, but none of the adults will confirm it.



What can happen at camp

  • Basic science classes
  • Engineering classes
  • Zero-G activities
  • Swimming
  • Romances/Budding romances are encouraged (But the types of relationships must be age appropriate)
  • Team building exercises (authors choice)
  • Getting to know different species – planetary governments
  • How to pilot a space cruiser
  • Their final mission (Up to the author what the teens will do together.)


Rules for Authors

  • Setting must be on the Intergalactic Space Camp station, 50 million miles from Earth. Their mission can send them anywhere into space. The final mission must have a failure of some kind that the team must work together to repair.
  • All teams should have 1 human, and the rest can be a mix of alien species or cyborgs/androids.
  • Each team should also have 6 members.
  • Word count is 7,000 and up.
  • Heat level: 1-3
  • All stories are romance and must have a HEA or HFN endings.
  • Dr. Quin should at least be mentioned in each story. It could be at the introduction for camp. It could be running into him in the middle of the night. It doesn’t matter as long as one of your characters meets him and they “talk.”
  • Characters can be any species. (human, shifter, alien)
  • Couple pairs can be MF, MM, MMM, FFM, FF, MFM, FMMM(MMM..)-Reverse Harem, and any other combo you wish to create.
  • NO ONE is to write Dr. Lazarus Quin’s story. He belongs to TL Reeve. *wg*
  • Stories must be approved via proposal that includes the type of vacation your characters want, what you will be adding to the world, and character names. Send them to OMPSubmissions@gmail.com with the subject: Intergalactic Space Camp Proposal

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